Saturday, April 22, 2017


 On Saturday it being a nice day and all Euan went off on a big hike with his border buddies.  And a Riff Raff.   Not me I stayed at home on the bed, you will soon see why.
 A border fest, because one border terrier is simply not enough.   And a photobomber.

 A very rare sighting of Riff the working dog.    All the borders lurv Riff,  she has no idea why, she even tried to go bush and remove herself from her worshippers at every opportunity.
 Yep there she goes - way in the distance , with Archie her ardentest admirer in hot pursuit.
 As some of the doggies was off lead and some was on there were frequent roll calls to account for all present.   
 Is this the queue for chicken?    Mmmm, our fave.
 There was something for everyone,  nice shady forest.
 Open roads
 Mud glorious mud
 And a Riff to chase,  there goes Archie again off haring round the bend.  Riff just couldn't get away from her determined suitor.
 Not me,  I'm staying with chicken lady
 12.2kms and an afternoon later.   Job done.



Saturday, April 15, 2017


Easter Visitor to our estate.     We lurv visitors, especially of the Borderkind but don't call us Doggist.
 Euan took Tweed quickly under his wing and explained the ropes
Its a big job.   Girls can do anything!!
 The usual job description for new recruits is complete perimeter recconoitre and mail drop
 I'll be checking your work in a jiffy
 Euan the underling doing initial mail checks, hope its all been delivered
 Top quality.   Good enough to roll in I say!
Still finishing the mornings work.  It is a big mail round.  Ronald - next doors weaseley cat has usually been in overnight.  Just because - he gets to snoop about the hood unchecked. Not to mention the odd hedgie on his annual hibernation route.  The birds do laps in our waterbowl.  Mebbe the odd meth head police chase across the lawn.   What doesn't go on in our garden!!!
Hmmm what do we have here,  the answer to Aucklands housing crisis?
Its pretty top quality.   I don't see any evidence of life though.  Mebbe you could list it with the local real estate?
 Chief Snooperviser
I'll have his job in a "jiffy"
Wannabe Chief Snooperviser
 The underling and the newbie having a coffee break.
 In fact we seem to have lost the newbie.
 Sitting on the job by the looks
It's called multitaskin. I finished ages ago
 Lyin down on the job.  
 Sleepin on the job!!!!  Not even pretendin to work!!!
Can we keep her?
 Euan bein quite the man for the ladeez took Tweed for a stroll round the hood.
Red N Blue

Saturday, March 18, 2017


 Some days -  the wildlife just doesn't want to play ball.
 *Whistles*,  * Hello*   *Euan*   *Bodie*
 Exhaustion setting in already?   No stamina
 Everything is more interesting than me today it seems
 Ok,  I'm getting the message
 Old on the left,  and tired at 3YO on the right.!
the end...
psssst   Marley,  we want to see the puppeeeee

Saturday, January 21, 2017


The other week I was asked if I would like to be a model for a new book coming out.  Mum likes any excuse to take the day off work, so Monday saw us ready for to climb Mt Eden for my modelling shoot.
Cars are no longer allowed to drive up Mt Eden which is one of the many volcanoes in Auckland so we had to get to the top under our own steam one way or another.  Here we go on the long trek up.
 How far is it to the top Mum?  You do realize I'm a Senior Citizen don't you?
 As I haven't been here before it was important to snooter every blade of grass.
Does my butt look big in this?
 More stairs,  and up we go.
 As it was looking likely that this expedition could run into the middle of next week with the endless snootering and my general lack of speed I conned Mum into carrying my great self up most of the stairs.   The photographer had twice as much weight with camera equipment to carry so Mum couldn't really complain.
 Once at the top I was carried back down into the crater.
 Put in a Sit and Wait.   I love sitting so no problems there.
 Mum elegantly made her way out of the hole....
 And I leapt out in a lively manner....you know me  "lively"is my middle name.  After 5 lively leapings we called it a day on that shot and moved round to another part of the mountain.
 So high the mountain,  so hot the modelling.....
Thanks to Fiona Tomlinson for asking us to participate in the book.  We'll keep you posted when the book comes out, watch this space.   Todays blog was a recreation of actual events.  Thanks to the recreation of actual events photographer.